Thinking Woman

The Beginning

One day life brings us together: Arianna happens to work in the pharmacy run by Sara.
There is a working feeling and a true friendship is born immediately, the understanding is strong and dreams are big.
Working together, we realise how an internal cosmetics sector is not at all in-depth and does not respond adequately to market demands. Being pharmacists, we intercept women's needs and treasure them.
One summer night in 2018, after an intense exchange of messages, the idea emerged to make an innovative first product. Lì soothing is the world's first vulvar mask in hydrogel that can be worn anywhere.

In September 2019, we decided to structure ourselves and founded Thinking Woman. We start doing research and development to concretely realise our first product: Lì the first ready-to-wear vulvar mask.

In October 2020, we start selling Lì and Thinking Woman becomes an innovative start-up. Research and development is intense, we expand our product range.

By now the mission is clear, we seek to bring innovation to an area where new proposals are scarce: we want to bring pleasantness to intimate cosmetics at all costs.

Dr Sara Barella

Dr Sara Barella was born in Milan in 1978. In 2003, she graduated in Pharmacy from the University of Pavia with top marks.

She is empathetic, she likes talking to people, helping and advising them, so she decided to jump straight into pharmacy. She began to make her 'bones', but soon realised that she was very much suited to the position of greatest responsibility in that type of company: at only 30 years old, she managed to become director in a pharmacy on the outskirts of Milan.

Dr Sara Barella

In 2011, by now the mother of two very small girls, she took part in a public competition announced in a municipality on the outskirts of Milan for the management of a pharmacy and thus began her first adventure as director in a public start-up that grew year after year, providing valuable and concrete help to the city's community.

At the peak of his career as general manager, he resigned from his post in 2018 to pursue new goals.

In September 2019, he founded Thinking Woman with Arianna and from January 2022, he gave up his work as a pharmacist and dedicated himself full-time to his new entrepreneurial project.

Dr Arianna Maria Giani

Dr. Arianna Maria Giani PhD was born in Magenta in 1984. In 2006, she graduated in Science and Technology of Health Products and in 2010 she obtained a degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Eastern Piedmont and qualified for the profession in the same year.

She likes plants and natural substances and attends the postgraduate course in "rational and critical foundations for the therapeutic use of medicinal plants" at the University of Milan.

Dr Arianna Maria Giani

In 2012 she won a PhD position in Pharmaceutical and Food Biotechnology with a specialisation in Organic Chemistry and focused on a topic dear to her heart: synthesis of chelating structures for metals of interest for nuclear magnetic resonance, PET and SPECT.

Once she obtained her doctoral degree in 2016, she started working as a pharmacist, became a mother of a baby girl in 2017 and started freelancing, which she abandoned for good in September 2021 to devote herself completely to Thinking Woman together with Sara.

"Your vagina excites you: you want to study it, explore it, get to know it, discover how to listen to it, give it pleasure, and keep it healthy and wise and strong. You learn to please yourself and teach your lover to please you."

Eve Ensler

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