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The latent need and revolution in intimate cosmetics

According to recent studies, in the course of their lives almost 90 per cent of women suffer or have suffered from intimate or vulvar itching, about half of all women have experienced or experience vaginal or vulvar burning and dryness, and more than 20 per cent, also due to incorrect hygiene practices, suffer from pain during sexual intercourse.

Until now, there were no products for the female intimate area that met the expectations of practicality, comfort, cosmetic quality and pleasantness.


Change of perspective and revolution in thinking

Creating cutting-edge intimate cosmetics that cover all the needs of the female intimate area, through the development of a line that combines pleasantness with cosmetic refinement.

Our research and development laboratories study innovative and patented formulations, using revolutionary functional principles never thought of or proposed for intimate application.

This gives rise to innovative products that reduce the difficulties of use and application in intimate parts and improve the well-being of women suffering from intimate discomfort.

Lì soothing vulva mask was created with the idea of being an 'SOS' for the woman suffering from minor intimate discomfort. It happens to all of us to have some small discomfort and still have to carry on with all the day's actions.

It is a revolutionary single-dose product composed of a cotton backing on which rests a very thin layer of hydrogel containing a cocktail of soothing functional ingredients. With just one application, it helps relieve burning, redness and intimate itching.

It is a practical, thin and effective vulvar mask, non-greasy, non-staining and non-wetting. An "SOS" to keep conveniently in your handbag. Can be used at any time of day and in any place.

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