New horizons in intimate cosmetics


The intimate area requires special attention

Today, the intimate cosmetics market is mainly represented by two categories: products with mostly cleansing properties and products dedicated to the erotic sphere. The products currently available offer excellent solutions for general hygiene care, but do not effectively address the specific needs of the intimate area.

The intimate area of the female body is exceptionally sensitive and delicate. It is an area that we often do not like to see or prefer not to talk about. Yet it is an area that requires special attention and specific formulations. Not only in terms of hygiene, but also in terms of keeping it in good condition.

The intimate area is subject to very important changes throughout a woman's life. Puberty, the fertile period, pregnancy, pre- and post-menopause, geriatric age. They are all very important and well-defined periods, as are the problems associated with each one.

Our mission in developing specific cosmetics for the female intimate area

We at Thinking Woman strongly believe that the outer intimate areas are on a par with any other part of the body and that more attention needs to be paid to them. This is the main challenge we set ourselves.

Hygiene is not the only concern in caring for the intimate area. It is also important to moisturise and protect the area. In fact, the intimate zone presents the same problems as other areas of the body. For example, in terms of dryness and ageing. It is therefore important to offer women solutions that meet the specific needs of the intimate zone.

Development of a product line that combines pleasantness and effectiveness

Our goal is to create cutting-edge intimate cosmetics. That covers all the needs of the female intimate area. We have decided to do this by developing a product line that combines pleasantness with cosmetic refinement and that is at the same time high-performance.

Thus were born our innovative products. Which reduce the difficulties of use and application in intimate parts and improve the well-being of women suffering from intimate discomfort.

We focus on creating products for the female intimate area that meet expectations of practicality, comfort, cosmetic quality, pleasantness and high performance. We study innovative and patented formulations, using revolutionary functional principles. Never before thought of or proposed for intimate application.

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